Gentle dentistry in London, Ontario: Don’t let dental anxiety and fear stand in the way of your best smile

If you aren’t exactly excited to see us, your partners in dental health, we understand, and we don’t take it personally. Dental fear and anxiety are widespread. As dental professionals at Hyde Park Dentistry, the onus is on us to put you at ease and even make you rethink the dental visit if it’s been a while since you last received dental care. 

Just as your respective industry or technology is not what it was even two years ago, let alone five-plus years, your perception of dentistry may need an update. At Hyde Park Dentistry, we have invested in advanced, light-touch technologies. These technologies for diagnosing and treating oral conditions support the most precise, comfortable, and gentle treatment. They do so by eliminating many of the sources of dental stress and apprehension commonly cited by patients. These sources of dental fear are often “born” in early childhood experiences. And they boil down to the four S’s:

  • Sights 
  • Sounds 
  • Sensations 
  • Scents 

Fear-inducing sights and sounds include needles, cutting tools like scalpels, and drills. At the same time, stressful sensations and scents span lingering numbness from the conventional anesthetic to clinical smells generated by rotary instruments that use heat or that are associated with dental products and materials. The technologies that we use have either eliminated or minimized these “triggers.” We can also use specialized approaches or techniques to lessen the effect these fear-inducers have on the patient. Additional “helpers” come in the form of sedation dentistry. Our tailored approach to relaxing methods supports a safe and comfortable treatment experience. 

Overcoming dental fear: A significant victory for your health

Recall appointments at our practice are indeed a cornerstone of a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. Since even the best consistent care at home cannot remove all bacteria and plaque, routine professional cleanings during these visits are a must. Likewise, your oral health is linked to your systemic health. During exams, we can monitor any changes that present new challenges to the state of your gums and teeth. We can be proactive in addressing these new obstacles. We also detect underlying problems early into the disease process during regular exams before even subtle symptoms may present themselves. Yet, many patients may have such considerable fear that they avoid visiting the dentist altogether. They are missing out on these crucial foundations for their health and wellbeing. 

Do not delay for another day to give your smile the TLC that it deserves. We look forward to showing you the warmth and ease of modern, gentle, and genuinely caring dentistry. Contact us today at 226-271-2522 to schedule your appointment. It is our privilege to meet (and treat) you!