Protect your healthy, beautiful smile with preventive dental exams and cleanings in London, ON

One of every four of our fellow Canadians suffers from oral pain that interferes with eating comfortably. The Canadian Dental Association also reports that Canadians miss more than four million workdays each year due to dental illnesses. At Hyde Park Dentistry in London, ON, we know that such illnesses are mainly preventable with regular dental exams and cleanings at our practice in London, ON. 

The problem: Plaque

Plaque is constantly forming on our teeth. This sticky film can be removed with proper care at home, brushing surfaces (including the tongue and palate) and flossing between teeth. However, even those patients who are consistent and thorough with brushing and flossing cannot remove all plaque and harmful bacteria, especially from crowded or hard-to-reach spaces. Additionally, when plaque builds up, it hardens. Hardened plaque (tartar or calculus) is stubborn. It cannot be removed with a regular toothbrush and floss alone. That is where professional expertise and tools come into play.

The answer: Professional preventative dentistry

Plaque is problematic because it erodes the teeth, releases toxins that inflame the gums, and promotes periodontal disease. Resulting tooth decay and gum disease are the two leading causes of tooth loss. Gaps in the smile not only erode a person’s self-confidence but also hasten destructive bone loss and are associated with a range of systemic problems. Researchers have connected the dots between poor oral health and conditions such as cardiovascular disease and dementia. So, we emphasize proactive services to prevent dental disease rather than reactive treatments to resolve existing diseases. 

A cornerstone of preventive dentistry is the recall appointment. These visits are generally scheduled every four months. During your recall, our registered dental hygienists remove the bacteria, plaque, tartar, and surface stains that you can’t remove with store-bought oral care products. They use considerable training and professional instruments to clean the inside of the mouth where bacteria and other toxins accumulate gently and thoroughly. Based on what they find during a cleaning, our hygienists may recommend specific products or demonstrate techniques to clean more effectively at home. Our patients appreciate the immediate whitening boost a good cleaning provides, and they also love that super-fresh feeling afterward.

Cleanings typically precede exams conducted by our dentists, Dr. Marjan Moaveni and Dr. Ashish Papneja. They apply their substantial knowledge and experience to detect abnormalities in the mouth and associated oral structures. For instance, identifying early-stage decay (enamel erosion), gum inflammation, or precancerous lesions. Advanced and safe diagnostics, such as digital and panoramic x-rays, support their ability to identify conditions promptly and accurately. Early detection facilitates conservative, effective treatment. Check-ups also present an excellent opportunity for the doctors to: 

  • Assure that dental restorations, such as fillings and crowns, are in excellent working order.
  • Clean mouthguards or other oral appliances while ensuring they are also in good shape. 
  • Recommend repairs, rebase, relining, or other adjustments to dentures. 
  • Suggest and administer preventive services; for instance, dental sealants or coverings to protect decay-prone molars or safe fluoride supplementation to build up enamel – a tooth’s protective armour.

Do not delay getting the professional care that is necessary for a healthy smile and well-being. Contact us at Hyde Park Dentistry in London, Ontario today at 226-271-2522 to schedule your appointment.