Quality porcelain crowns, fit for royalty, and made while you wait!

No stone is left unturned in the pursuit of quality dental care at Hyde Park Dentistry. Drs. Ashish Papneja and Marjan Moaveni have invested in a truly passionate team, trained on the latest, safest, and most remarkable technologies that modern dentistry has to offer. When these qualities come together, our patients in London, Ontario, benefit. They have peace of mind that dental restorations, such as porcelain crowns, are designed to their one-of-a-kind needs.

These crowns are built to last, and, with the use of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing techniques, you can enjoy your new, rebuilt tooth within one visit. Yes, it’s true. There is no need for a return visit to our practice. Since we can make these restorations on-site, you don’t have to wait for an outside lab to do the job.

Dental crowns, simplified

This convenient approach to a standard dental procedure and experience also eliminates the need for a temporary restoration or crown.

Temporaries are typically worn to protect the prepared tooth while an outside lab technician makes a permanent crown. It can take several weeks for the crown to be made. Since the temporary is nowhere near the strength of a permanent crown, it can be fragile. Patients may be limited in the foods that they can safely and comfortably consume. These crowns also tend to fracture, which requires yet another trip to the dentist’s office.

If the permanent crown is not made to your satisfaction, the dental lab will need to re-do it. That adds to the wait time, the length of the process, and the hassle. The traditional method, in turn, usually requires at least two visits. But, depending on your circumstances and personal experiences, four recall appointments may be in your future. That is not the case here at Hyde Park Dentistry. Drs. Ashish Papneja and Marjan Moaveni plan, design, craft, place, and refine the crown while you wait. Adjustments can be made in a matter of moments.

Real Patients, Real Results Hyde Park Dentistry – Patient Before and After Images

The beauty and ease of the porcelain crowns process

As a material for your crown, porcelain is one of the most coveted dental materials: our dentists’ fashion crowns and other restorations from high-quality dental ceramics. Porcelain replicates the properties of natural tooth enamel explicitly. So, it looks incredibly realistic. It is also resistant to stains and is solid and durable. Once placed and bonded over the prepared, natural tooth structure, the porcelain “gets along well” with surrounding natural tissues. It is appropriate for patients with sensitivities to metals.

Our dentists are also exacting in their attention to detail. They assure that the porcelain is perfectly colour-matched to blend in well with the natural tooth structure and that it is shaped to appear, feel, and function like the “real deal.” With proper care at home and recall hygiene appointments at our practice, you can smile, laugh, eat all your favourite foods, and otherwise enjoy your crowned tooth for decades to come.

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