Dentist for TMJ accurately evaluates the cause of pain and effectively resolves problems for lasting relief

Chronic headaches. Jaw pain and stiffness. Earaches. Radiating facial, neck, and shoulder pain. Problems with opening and closing your mouth or comfortably chewing food. Chances are, such often debilitating complaints are what brought you to this page. And you are, indeed, at the right place for an accurate evaluation of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders and both lasting relief and actual resolution of these symptoms. 

Our approach to TMJ therapy at Hyde Park Dentistry 

Led by Dr. Marjan Moaveni, our office in London, Ontario, is equipped with the latest diagnostics and technologies and advanced training on such techniques and tools to pinpoint the cause of your TMJ problems accurately. This is vital to provide long-term relief that actually resolves the root cause of these disruptive and painful functional conditions. Notably, there are myriad potential causes of TMJ dysfunction. Our approach to easing TMJ symptoms depends on our diagnostics and what we determine to be at the root of your pain. 

Generally, the Temporomandibular Joints on either side of the face behave like hinges; they connect the skull to the jaws to facilitate smooth and fluid movements when you open and close your mouth. When these joints and the interconnected system of muscles, bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tissues are healthy and working as they should, your jaw moves freely, and you can eat, laugh, talk, smile, and otherwise “use” your jaws and teeth efficiently and painlessly. However, any time the joints are “stressed,” symptoms can arise, ranging from migraines to jaw “locking” and tinnitus (ringing of the ears). So, what causes such excessive stress and pressure? 

  • Conditions such as arthritis
  • Injuries to the jaw and other components of this “well-oiled machine”
  • Chronic teeth grinding, a condition known as bruxism
  • Habits like chewing gum, eating chewy foods
  • Bite problems, misalignment, and other imbalances 

Dr. Moaveni will evaluate your mouth and discuss concerns with you to determine the nature of your symptoms and their origin. From there, he develops a treatment plan that addresses the root causes of these troublesome symptoms. Many of our patients have been able to reduce their reliance on pain meds or stop using them entirely because we deploy treatments that resolve the underlying problem. Our effective, tailored therapies do not merely relieve or mask symptoms, as is the case with “treatment” that solely relies on analgesics. Treatment plans may incorporate one, or a combination of, the following step(s):

  • Physical therapy or oral exercises to enhance flexibility and strengthen the jaws
  • Custom nightguards or oral appliances designed to protect the teeth from damage caused by bruxism and to cushion the blow from chronic teeth grinding 
  • Other customized oral appliances that prevent the back teeth from touching when you bite down, easing the strain on the joints
  • Lifestyle or habit modification; for instance, refrain from chewing gum and other behaviours that place excess pressure on the tissues 
  • Orthodontic treatments to correct bite issues, crowding, and other forms of misalignment
  • Replace old or worn crowns and other dental restorations that may contribute to “imbalances”

You deserve to enjoy your favourite foods again and to smile and speak comfortably and confidently. Call 226-271-2522 today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Moaveni and get on the road to better health and wellbeing.