Wisdom teeth extractions are nothing to fear, with proactive care and gentle surgery techniques

The term “wisdom” brings to mind many good qualities, such as the knowledge that comes with experience. As it relates to the mouth and dentistry, “wisdom teeth” bring to mind unpleasant symptoms. Thanks to the proactive approach that Drs. Ashish Papneja and Marjan Moaveni take to monitoring wisdom teeth, as well as their use of gentle techniques and advanced technologies, wisdom teeth extractions and surgery options at Hyde Park Dentistry in London, Ontario are nothing to fear. 

Wise up about wisdom teeth!

While the first permanent teeth break through the gums in the mouth at around the age of six, the last teeth do not “erupt” until some 11 to 19 years later. These last teeth are located at the back of both sides of the mouth. They’re technically the “third molars,” but commonly known as “wisdom teeth” due to their late appearance. 

Wisdom teeth do not automatically mean pain and complications. In fact, for some people, these molars usually develop with no problems. For others, the teeth never emerge at all, or one or two such may break through. However, it is not uncommon for patients to have insufficient room in their mouths for these teeth; when that situation occurs, the tooth may get stuck under the gums and trapped in the supporting bone. Impacted teeth are associated with painful pressure and complications such as damage to neighbouring teeth and cysts. 

Proactive, painless care

During recall visits to our office, Drs. Papneja and Moaveni use their keen eye and advanced diagnostics to assess how these back molars are developing. They can recommend removal before pain and other symptoms that interfere with your life arise. Extractions also help to get patients with wisdom teeth pain comfortable and healthy again. The process of tooth removal is straightforward. Depending on the position of your tooth, it may be lifted from its socket and removed. Otherwise, we can access the tooth surgically and use specialized techniques to make the tooth removal as easy and efficient as possible. Regardless of your specific needs, you won’t feel anything! The tooth is precisely anesthetized, and we can also discuss relaxing methods to keep comfortable and address any apprehension you may have about treatment. 

We will also provide you with clear instructions on caring for the extraction site in the days following treatment. It is essential to eat foods as advised and avoid certain behaviors, such as the use of straws. These habits can dislodge the blood clot that forms at the treatment site and cause undesirable complications. Call us at 226-271-2522 today to schedule your evaluation with Drs. Papneja and Moaveni.