Urgent treatment resolves pain quickly; proactive care prevents many dental emergencies

You and your family deserve to smile confidently and without pain 24/7, 365 days a year. We support the sustained beauty, comfort, health, and function of your teeth, gums, and the rest of your mouth with urgent dental care. While there is no one type of condition that falls under the “emergencies” category, at Hyde Park Dentistry, we can confidently say, if it is an immediate concern to you, it is a primary concern to us. 

Drs. Ashish Papneja and Marjan Moaveni encourage patients in and around the London, Ontario area to schedule and maintain regular recall appointments at our practice. Minimize the risks of conditions that can lead to the need for urgent or same-day dental care and treatments when you can. And know that when the unexpected happens at the most inopportune of times, our responsive and skilled dental team is here to resolve your pain quickly and with the recommended treatment that is in the best interests of your long-term health. 

Manage what you can 

By its very nature, “urgent” or “emergency” care suggests those conditions that can’t wait to be treated until the next 6-month recall visit. With that being said, many dental problems that often lead to urgent care or ER visits are progressive, which means there is an opportunity to treat them and to avoid the pain associated with later-stage conditions. For instance, early enamel erosion can be resolved with simple changes to oral care products and hygiene techniques. However, if the decay process is allowed to progress, it can lead to a painful infection at the tooth’s center. Toothaches associated with deep decay can be severe and interfere with eating, sleep, and every aspect of your life. Additionally, badly decayed teeth cannot always be “saved.” Extractions followed by tooth replacements may be your only recourse. 

Peace of mind 

Even dental injuries caused by contact with objects during sports can be managed with custom mouthguards. Of course, there are several dental emergencies that cannot be predicted. And we can’t prevent what we don’t know. In those cases, we urge all family members to have access to our number 226-271-2522 and save it on their phones. A dental first-aid kit can also be quite beneficial. Stock it with solutions like Save-A-Tooth, pain relievers, dental wax, floss, gauze, and temporary filling materials. We may recommend these products when you call us, as they can help manage discomfort and increase the odds of preserving the tooth until you can get to our office. Keep in mind that each moment matters; in the case of a knocked-out or avulsed tooth, the sooner you can get to our practice, the faster we can begin the process of re-rooting the tooth. You must treat the tooth with great care and store it in a solution like Save-A-Tooth in the interim. 

Do not waste precious moments hesitating over whether your condition is a “true” dental emergency or not. Just contact us! Emergencies come in many different forms. Prompt care may be just what you need to preserve your tooth, and it also means immediate relief!