A guide to modern tooth replacement: Dentures and partial dentures options in London, ON

At Hyde Park Dentistry, we have helped many patients in and around London, ON, retain their healthy, attractive, and complete smiles for life. When their natural teeth are threatened by excessive decay or gum disease, we can preserve or restore their health and well-being with various options for dentures and partial dentures.

You benefit from our team’s exceptional onsite capabilities; notably, Dr. Ashish Papneja is a fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. This distinction demonstrates Dr. Papneja’s training and skill in placing dental implants. Other dentists in our area have to refer this procedure to specialists, as they are only trained to restore the implant with a crown, bridge, or denture. Unlike Dr. Papneja, they are not trained and equipped to place the implant. You have the ultimate convenience and peace of mind by partnering with our team to handle all aspects of the implants process.

Dentures options

As mentioned, we offer implant-retained dentures. The implant itself is a cylinder made from a biocompatible material such as titanium. Once placed in the jaw, the implant naturally and safely integrates with the surrounding bone. Then, a dental restoration such as a crown, bridge, or denture is connected to the implant(s). So, these implants function like natural tooth roots to optimally hold the replacement teeth in place in the jaw. Dentures are generally “rooted” in the jaw with clasps or snaps that connect to the implants. Since Dr. Papneja strategically and precisely places the implants, a minimal number of these artificial tooth roots may be applied to support a maximum number of replacement teeth. For instance, as few as four implants can be placed to “root” an entire upper or lower denture.

“Conventional” dentures are made from a combination of resin, dental ceramics, and metal. These materials are colour-matched to blend in naturally with the surrounding teeth and tissues. The satisfaction that patients get from these dentures depends on how well they fit in the mouth. Dentures that do not conform precisely to the mouth’s contours tend to slip around and interfere with clear speech and chewing food. Ill-fitting dentures also irritate the inside of the mouth and cause sores. Our team works with patients to adjust to their new teeth. We provide suggestions for oral care products to clean their dentures and secure their new teeth effectively.

Additionally, we encourage patients to maintain recall appointments. During these visits, our dentists assess the condition of your denture. Since tissues tend to shrink over time, they recommend relining, rebasing, repairing, or replacing the denture.

Immediate dentures

If you have been holding on to aching, badly damaged teeth out of the fear of being seen in public with gaps in your smile, we encourage you to consider immediate dentures. These temporary or provisional dentures may be placed immediately after irreparably damaged teeth are removed. The denture allows you to retain a complete smile while also protecting the extraction sites as they heal. This option also gives you a “jumpstart” on learning how to speak or chew with dentures. After your mouth has healed, a permanent denture will be made and placed.

You don’t have to live with the pain of missing or decayed teeth. Call us at 226-271-2522 to schedule your dentures consultation.

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