Boost your smile appeal with safe and effective teeth whitening options in London, ON

The colour of your teeth plays a vital role in the overall appearance of your smile and face. Teeth that are yellow and stained tend to “age” the smile and face. You may feel healthy and vibrant, but the colour of your teeth may convey something else entirely. Fortunately, at Hyde Park Dentistry in London, ON, we have options to restore your youthful, healthy, beautiful smile effectively, safely, comfortably, and efficiently: professional teeth whitening.

Office whitening

You can lift years of stains from your teeth in a single visit to our office. Our dentists may recommend the Philips Zoom system for those who want an instant smile transformation if you are an appropriate candidate for office or “chairside” teeth whitening, Drs. Ashish Papneja and Marjan Moaveni will start the process by protecting your lips and the rest of your mouth from coming in contact with the bleaching gel. Once these surrounding tissues are covered up, they apply the gel precisely to the teeth. Since the teeth are isolated, the gel is applied evenly for the most natural-looking results. The precautions they take during treatment also assure that the gel doesn’t leak and cause discomfort or damage to oral tissues.

As a professional product, the gel is formulated with ingredients that are clinically proven to whiten teeth. This gel contains a sufficient concentration of these ingredients to make a difference in the colour of your teeth. You achieve such fast results because the product’s whitening effects are “light-activated.” Drs. Ashish Papneja and Marjan Moaveni safely apply a LED light to accelerate the bleaching process. Teeth can be lightened by several shades within one, 90-minute to two-hour visit.

Take-home whitening

Some patients may prefer a more gradual approach to whitening their teeth. We have an excellent option for them; we use the Opalescence™ system to whiten teeth from the comfort of the home effectively. Our dentists can adjust every aspect of the treatment process to your needs. This option involves wearing a tray or oral appliance that is filled with a professional-strength whitening gel. Once you slip the tray into your mouth, the gel is delivered evenly to your teeth. Wear the tray each day as instructed by your dentist. Wear time and the duration of treatment depends on factors such as your past experience with tooth sensitivity. Hyde Park Dentistry patients like that they can whiten their teeth on their schedule.

Patients may also benefit from both in-office and home whitening options; for instance, those who whiten their teeth with Zoom are provided with a kit for home “touch-ups” at no additional cost. Touch-ups every few months are a great way to preserve the attractive colour of your teeth, which is such a critical component of the attractiveness of your smile and face. We can also provide additional suggestions to keep your teeth their brilliant best. Call us at 226-271-2522 to schedule your appointment at our office in London, ON.