Preserve the natural brilliance, health of your smile with porcelain inlays and onlays 

Damage to teeth from the decay process or other trauma runs along a spectrum. The extent of the damage informs your treatment options at Hyde Park Dentistry in London, ON. Drs. Ashish Papneja and Marjan Moaveni have the advanced training and technologies to support conservative dentistry, which is gentle and preserves natural tooth structure. Porcelain inlays and onlays are a conservative alternative to more extensive dental restoration options, such as full-coverage crowns, root canal therapy followed by crowns, and tooth replacement. It is also a less conservative alternative to the simple filling; however, inlays or onlays are preferred over large fillings. Big fillings may be inadequate to support a tooth that has lost a lot of its structure due to large cavities. 

The ins and outs of inlays and onlays 

As with fillings, crowns, and other types of dental restorations, inlays and onlays are expertly shaped with durable and toothlike material. Non-metals such as dental ceramics (like porcelain) or composite resins may be colour-matched to the surrounding tooth structure and shaped precisely within the “prepared” natural tooth. They fit in the natural tooth, kind of like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle fit together perfectly to complete the picture. 

Inlays are appropriate for less severe damage. The inlay only covers the surfaces between the tips or points of the tooth. Likewise, the onlay is suitable for patients who have lost more of the natural tooth due to decay or other types of damage. Each onlay covers the shallow surface of the tooth between its points or cusps and at least one tip. 

Sink your teeth into the benefits

Since the techniques used to place the inlay or onlay are so precise and require such slight alteration of natural, healthy tooth structure, this treatment is considered tooth-preserving and exceptionally long-lasting. The replacement tooth structure continues to get so much of its support from the surrounding natural tooth. These treated teeth can also be cared for just like natural teeth, with no unique or costly oral care products or techniques. 

Patients also appreciate that the process is straightforward and well-tolerated, as with other procedures at Hyde Park Dentistry. Due to our precision anesthetic, they don’t feel any discomfort during treatment. We also have different methods to keep those patients who are anxious about treatment relaxed and at ease. We like to think that our friendly nature also puts our extended family (our patients) at ease, too! 

Discover for yourself how stress-free and comfortable the experience can be. Call us at 226-271-2522 to schedule your appointment at our practice in London.